About Us

Our mission and vision

We strive to create a new media trend which combines sobriety and aesthetic values with modernity without falling into imitation, and to always be the leaders of this trend that represents the authentic identity of the modern Arab audience.

In this context, Shallal Channel commits itself to continue being an active part in the conscience of the Arab viewer through carrying committed and entertaining artistic contents which is a variety of drama, music, arts, sports and also moderate religious content.

The success of Shallal Channel lies in its capability to acquire dedicated professionals who work hand in hand in a climate of responsibility, appreciation and respect, enabling everyone to develop to their full potential.

Historical overview

Shallal channel was created by Saher Foundation of the Contemporary Art, which is known of its long history of commissioning and producing television programming in different Arabic channels such as Dubai TV and which were much appreciated and enjoyed by a variety of audiences. It was launched as a result of the latter experience and the great potentials that it has shown and has been witnessed by the audiences from different ages, cultural and social backgrounds in the Arab society.

A word from the CEO

On the basis of our affiliation to the Arab values and traditions, which are rich of sobriety, creative aesthetics and a firm belief in a bright future for the modern Arab culture, all along with a strong faith in the targeted media which represents a bridge between two different generations of the Arab extended culture.

The Shallal channelwas born to take upon its shoulders the responsibility to maintain these same values and traditions. And at the same time it strongly emphasizes the importance of the modern values in a way that entertains the spirit and convinces the mind, and in a complete connection with the social development. All this enabled the strong class=”branding”>Shallal channelto become an ocean that brings the different generations of the same family together. From this principle, we decided to choose the motto of the channel to be “From the people to the people”.